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Valued Lives of Redruth refused to pay for the excellent introduction to WRAP we provided in December 2017. This is the first time since we started in 2006 that any client has refused to pay.


We have limited resources and with this payment outstanding for so long our focus needs to be on recovering the money owed in order that wraptraining.co.uk can function normally again.


Until this is resolved we need to stop trading other than with existing clients.


If you already have work booked with us that is great, we'll be there.


If you have booked us before and have been able to pay the trainer that is good too, please book again.


Valued Lives


Who is WRAP for?
Our Wellness Recovery Action Plan / Planning courses are for anyone interested in planning for wellness or recovery.

Our courses are suitable for those who consider themselves 'in-recovery', 'fully recovered' or helping others to recover.

We train anywhere in England and Wales.

We can put you in touch with trainers in Scotland, NI and Ireland

By using WRAP individuals gain/regain the belief that they are the most important factor determining their wellness, ensuring more effective recovery from current and future crises.

Below is one of our facilitators with WRAP course participants.
WRAP training in Leicester, 2012
WRAP can boost understanding for healthy people, whilst helping to relate with friends, relatives and work colleagues who may be suffering.

Participants work together on the workshops and often continue to find out more about wellness and recovery together after the course.

Common benefits of WRAP for individuals such as increased happiness are difficult to measure, yet we do know participants who had been out of work have gained the confidence to become fully active again.

The one and two day courses are for people with; diagnosed health problems, excess stress but staying relatively well and those such as managers who may or may not be feeling much stress themselves but need a better understanding.

An introduction to the key concepts of Wellness Recovery & WRAP can be delivered as a talk, with some audience participation, in as little as 50 minutes. The maximum attending one of our WRAP talks has been 90. This has been in 2016 and 2017 for 'Think Ahead'.

We find groups of 12 work well together on the one day course. For people in recovery from severe psychological injuries, the two day version with two facilitators can be ideal.

Since 2008 we have been facilitating WRAP training for mixed groups of carers and people who are in-recovery.

The best known parts of WRAP are the seven steps. There is a lot more to WRAP than these 7 steps.

WRAP chart