Finding WRAP Trainers / Recovery Facilitators

Valued Lives of Redruth refused to pay for the excellent introduction to WRAP we provided in December 2017. This is the first time since we started in 2006 that any client has refused to pay.


We have limited resources and with this payment outstanding for so long our focus needs to be on recovering the money owed in order that can function normally again.


Until this is resolved we need to stop trading other than with existing clients.


If you already have work booked with us that is great, we'll be there.


If you have booked us before and have been able to pay the trainer that is good too, please book again.



Wherever you are in England or Wales here is a simple Contact Form


For WRAP training anywhere in England or Wales not mentioned above contact us.

The idea of recovery after a mental health crisis has been around for a very long time. For us, the explanation of how this can happen and ways we can help each other learn about recovery all started with Mary Ellen Copeland. Mary created WRAP and WRAP has grown in popularity due to its great success when taught and used as it has been designed and developed.


It is important to appreciate that not all recovery training is WRAP and if booking elsewhere not all recovery trainers have WRAP trainer certificates.
Whether you are booking a recovery course through this web page or any other page you may wish to contact Mary Ellen Copeland's team through to discuss your requirements and whom they might recommend.

[ This site is for WRAP in the UK. For anywhere else in the world see... ]