WRAP training over two days:

Thank you for the course at the weekend. I've taken so much away from it and think I'll be aware of even more benefits as time goes by.........it was a real inspiration. - I.T.

I found the course well thought out and very instructive. I am quite certain that I will find what I learned enormously useful in the future. You have a most effective tutorial talent. - R.M.

Thank you for everything. You were really an inspiration and a fantastic help. - G.P.

The course will not only change my life, but it has also enabled me to make some very good friends. You were excellent! - L.J.


Really enjoyable 2 days. Was not sure what to expect. Found it invaluable. Intend to introduce to colleagues and hope it will be seen as a valuable tool at work and for all in general. - P.M.


One of the most enjoyable training programmes I have ever been on. Well Done! - A.J.R.


I found the whole course beneficial both for my work life and family life. - T.J.


Some comments on evaluation forms:


The thing I found most useful?: "Listening to others and how they deal with things/crisis. Overall the whole day was useful. I enjoyed the course. looking forward to learning more and using it in my work place as well as for my personal life." - Sharon Rasquier, Leicester

Most useful?: "All. Particularly triggers exercise. Writing it down meant I owned them - realized I could miss them or then realizing I CAN ACT on them if I recognise I have them." General comments: "Liked the structure & simplicity. liked the humourous bits too. Nice & informal. Liked how we introduced ourselves." - Karen Green, Nottinghamshire

From 2 hour introductions to WRAP:


"Clear and focused. Well paced for group." Brighton


"Practical + encouraging" Brighton


"Worked well for the group" Leicester


"As insightful and helpful within 2 hours as months of expensive private therapy (group and individual CBT at Priory Hospital)" Watford

"I was inspired by your presentation of WRAP in Cheltenham. The ideas about self help and management especially the graphics you used were right on the button. Mixed with your candid personal experience I found it all quite uplifting." - Ian H, Gloustershire

"...a thought proving insight into how we can learn to identify when we are reaching personal crisis points and how we can learn to lessen their impact in the future. A very concise & clear message about where we can all help ourselves." - Martin Radford, Treasurer of Total Networking, Grantham

WRAP being taught in Lincolnshire WRAP circle of wellness illustration WRAP pets are good for us WRAP ups and downs chart